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Art Trade/Gift Art!

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did you ever get my request Ref Info Dragonmorph? if so? whats the status?
can you draw my fursona if your list is not full?
ypu are not obliged to draw in his nudity
dragonmorph said:
Griff-the-DevilDog said:
did you ever get my request Ref Info Dragonmorph? if so? whats the status?

I try to reach your ref, but I did get your ref. Can you give me your ref again? I'm sorry. =(

oh no problem :) here ya go, you pick and choose what you may want to draw if you like, just plz no gay male fur porn plz!! :(. anything else is ok.

heres the choices you have:

my fursona character, Syrus Demono the Red Panther:

my other characters:

Rina Rage the snow cat:

Griff the dog:

Naydeen the cheetah:

miss Ausithurtz the Doberman:

Pocky the Panda:

Katra the cat:

Trenton the Fox, and Jeanna the bunny:

those are my OC's, choose what you like, and note me with your picks. ^__^ it can be normal general content, mature content, or adult even, your call.
pair whoever you feel to, or just one chara if you like. its your call. i hope this helps/
[size=medium]Messages For Everyone[/size]

Now I know some of you folks are upset about waiting so long for my draws for trades/request. I apologize for waiting, but I try my very best to work so hard and concentrated in my mind.

There are 4 things that I needed.

  1. My computer needs to be faster and better PC system.
  2. I need a light so I could barely see my drawings.
  3. Need more coloring pencils, markers, and art supplies.
  4. Still practice for something.

So, if there's any comments for questions, reply you want.

I'm so sorry, that I didn't upload any of your main characters for several days or weeks. I'm a very, VERY busy artist and I got more than about few other people are still waiting for my draws.

Yes. Yes, I can. :D I feel that I should never rush an artist, as that may disgruntle them and make them less inclined to drawing something for me. ^^;
Just to reminder you watchers and unwatchers to know my drawings is/are almost done, just in case you people don't get upset for waiting for my drawings of your fursonas.

Thank you. ^_^



Sexy TransBoi
dragonmorph said:
Can you folks be very patiences and wait for my draws to finish?

ill wait...i havent had internet anyway. prolly wont for a while again yet.
Your attention please!

I'm sorry folks, I won't be upload any of my new artworks today, because my hard drive disk is full and it won't save my artwork in progress. I need to buy another extra HDD for save even more bigger files.

At PC Outlets (Only here in San Antonio, Texas), they got tons of HDDs there. It's got super cheap about $25 or maybe $40, I should properly get that later.

So again, I won't be upload any of my artworks anymore, until I need to buy another one.

I'm sorry. =(

My computer is wokring and now will be upload my new artworks! XD

But, the bad news is I need closed this requests and trades. I know you guys are hated me to closed this, bu I had too and...I'm sorry folks, I need to stop drawing trades and request.

Why? Because I'm doing commissions or auction online. I need money to go at any furry conventions like Anthrocon, Furfright, Further Confusion, and even Furry Fiesta for next year.

Air flight will cost about $200 or maybe $500 to fly there. Greyhound cost about properly about $100 or $200. Amtrak train station cost about $180 or $200. Rooms for the The Westin Convention Center Hotel cost $115.

Do you know how much it cost together?!?! Leave comments for the answers

I will reopen trades and request soon.


Is worse then WEEGEE
oh oh oh i want one!!!(gift!)

do anything but you may want to read this..

The artists that already wants some art trades with me, CANCELED THAT. I only do commissions. I'm very sorry.

I know you gonna get mad at me for what I just said, but you already have your drawings from the others great artists for requests/trades. Be cool, okay? ^__^

Maybe next time.

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