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Art Trade - You Sketch, I'll Ink


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Anyone up for a nice, uncomplicated art trade? Here's what I had in mind: if you do a sketch of my choosing, I'll produce black-and-white inks for a sketch of your own choice with a similar level of complexity. I'll be using Adobe Illustrator for this, but I can drop you files in a bunch of different formats if that's not convenient for you.

I don't mind NSFW stuff, but I draw the line at anything illegal, immoral or insanitary, so that rules out cubby, scat and vore at the very least.

Don't know how much time I'll have to do this, so I may be picky about who I work with and how complicated an image I can do. I won't agree to a deal unless I'm certain I'll be able to finish my end of the bargain, so if you already have a sketch in mind it'd be useful to see it! Oh, and it has to be your own work, for copyright reasons. I'd like permission to display the results in my own gallery, in which case I'll put it side-by-side with the original sketch, give credit and a link back to your gallery in the description. You'll be quite welcome to do the same.

There aren't any vectors in my FA gallery, but there are a few in my DA one. These are all SFW, unless you count obvious nipple bulges in latex clothing as unsafe in which case avoid the last one. Incidentally, these are my own work, not collaborations.

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