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Art Trade: art trades & practice


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I'd like more practice lol

ik my style is inconsistent, im trying to find what i like doing. a few examples are below:



my FA is here
i want to actually push myself ig? idk
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Sadly, i dont have anything i can really trade.
but if you are looking for some practice i really like the style of that (fink?) drawing.
do you think you could draw my boy silver? (anthro of course)
i have attached a sheet of his male form, but i kinda want more art of his Herm/intersex form wearing a nice leather jacket and jeans?
i will like his H/i sheet here in a spoiler, but would love it if you can make him look more feminine?

(theres also a tone of info in the description of his sheet, would love feedback on that if you have time?)


  • Silver Ref Sheet.png
    Silver Ref Sheet.png
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