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Art Trade: Art4Art, Points4Art


Thicc Specialist
Me is looking for some art I could get for my bbys or some points I could earn on deviantArt

For that, I have a few simple rules:
I may post your artwork given to me and my artwork done for you
If you don't want me to post the art I did for you tell me beforehand
please (I'd always credit you as the owner of course!)

For Art Trades I highly prefer us being on a similar/same
skill level (might as well ask friends to judge that cause I'm bad at that)
and prefer a fair trade (headshot for headshot, cellshading for cellshading, etc.)
For Points payments, pay half upfront, the rest when the sketch is done

So here are some of my examples!
My instagram also has some. And for points prices, please refer to my deviantArt journal.
And some examples are also here.
And some here:

Characters belong to me except for the last one

Characters belong to me

I can draw more or less anything but can't do explicit excessive gore nor explicitly shown NSFW
And I am still terrible at overly masculine guys and complex backgrounds.
It'd be best if you could draw girls if you want to do an art trade because I have like one(/two?) male character with an anthropomorphic ref sheet.

If you want to trade or purchase with points or anything,
post a reply, send me a note, contact me wherever you want.

But I don't wanna take on more than 3 things at once
Just saying. In case it ever happens again.