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(Commission) Selling: Artie's Commissions ($10-$40+)


Bumbling Everyman
Obviously I can draw stuff. I figured since that I want a little extra money and to help expand beyond just my own work, I'd do commissions.

I currently have 5 slots open. Once those are filled, I close up and finish the work. Once those are done, I open them back up again. It's pretty simple, isn't it?

Here's the current prices right now:

For more elaboration:

Digital Sketches ($10 to $20)
Basically these range from rough digital sketches to clean line art. They are monochromatic and feature very simple lighting. The price is adjusted based on how much I have to draw. Generally, the more characters and complexity that's involved, the more the price goes up.

Digital Illustrations ($20 to $40)
Well, they're not exactly paintings, nor are they exactly lined works. This are the more colorful and "complete" illustrations with more complex lighting to boot. Again, the more complexity that is involved, the more the price increases.

Character Renders ($15)
These are just full body illustrations of a character with basic lighting. And possibly the stiffest poses imaginable!

Of course, what about those wonky dimensions?

Aspect Ratio
All of these pictures are drawn within specific ratios so they can be utilized in different ways. This will affect resolution as well (all measurements are in pixels):
- 1:1 - A square that often comes in 256x256, 512x512, and 1024x1024. Great for icons and inserts.
- 3:4 and 3:5 - "Vertical Video Format". Ideal for phone backgrounds and character renders.
- 4:3 - Standard definition. Very commonly used and great for upper body shots and scenes.
- 16:9 - Standard NTSC Widescreen. It's like 4:3 but better, and probably would work for a desktop too at high resolution.

Enough with the drawings now, let's talk the boring business side of things.

If You Want A Commission
- Send me a personal message via the Fur Affinity Forums, FA itself at DarkHorseArtie89, A Deviant Art note (Also at DarkHorseArtie89), or by email at dabestmayor@yahoo.com (but I don't always check it regularly, be warned).
- For best results, have plenty of references that I can use for drawing. If you don't have any drawn references, you will need to provide at least a paragraph description and some images that can create a rough "mood sheet" for me to draw from.
- It is best to have Discord for me to keep in contact with you (simply because I don't check my email enough and because Discord can go on your phone). Through Discord, I will be able to give you updates on the status of your commission.

Terms & Conditions

- Preferred payment method is through Pay Pal. I will send you an invoice for when it's time for the payment.
- I will ask if I can upload the finished work to Deviant Art and Fur Affinity. Doing so will allow you to use it easily because you can link back to the original work. If you do not want your commission uploaded on my gallery, then you must provide credit in the work's description and a link to my Fur Affinity and/or Deviant Art profiles.
- I only accept a payment when the commission is half-way completed on my end.
- Due to my current work schedule, I can't promise a set deadline. However, if a drawing takes more than 3 weeks to reach a finished state, you will be refunded all or a portion of the money if you wish.

And now, for the "Can Do and Can't Do" section

General Things
- I can draw just about any humanoid character, but super cutesy and animesque style characters probably won't look good. Feral characters are "questionable" for me because while I don't mind drawing them, they'll probably not look as well done as my humanoids.
- While I do specialize and love working with "hefty folx" (fatties, muscular, and the lovely musclechubs), anything too big is probably a bad idea because my anatomy will "break" from the sheer sizes. This also means I won't really do much hyper either.
- Backgrounds that aren't super detailed are fine, but anything requiring a lot of visual information will probably look very sloppy if I do it.
- Even though I do a lot of "kinky" things, I don't really do anything NSFW or involving nudity. Also, I don't really do anything relating to vore and pregnancy. Transformation is a very big "if" thing.

Fandom And Things
- If it's anything relating to Pokemon and World of Warcraft, you will be making a safe bet with me (but still have those references in case you want to do something lore breaking). Starfox and Sonic things are also okay, although I'm a bit rusty there. Anything else though will probably need references and a bit of my research. About the only real "no zone" is anything relating to anime and manga.
- If you're using a character of another person or a closed species, make sure you have the proper permissions to do so.

Status: OPEN