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My name is Shelby Hughes, I am an artist with a BFA who studied illustration and graphic design. I have many skills and I'm capable of drawing just about anything outside of robots. I enjoy drawing stickers, posters, logos, animals, portraits, cartoons, and designs of all kinds, I'm even capable of creating pixel art.

If needed, I can ink and color comics, though I have no experience actually drawing comics, so please do not contact me in regards to drawing a comic for you.

I am also capable of children's illustrations. Please keep in mind if you are going to contact me about children's books that you have done your research and are willing to pay industry standard.

Otherwise, I'm willing to draw anything, including animals, humans, anthro's, creatures, monsters, and more. I will draw nudity, but not fetish art.

Prices will be discussed when you contact me via notes here Userpage of soren49 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net or by emailing me at shelbyh.illustration@gmail.com

Please check out my portfolio here or at www.shelbyhughesillustration.c…

Thank you!