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always hungry
>> Post Tutorials, tips and tricks in Drawing, Marketing, Art Shop Making, etc. that you made or found. List of Tutorials will be posted below.
>> Contribute links to helpful art resources, references, speed-paints, online art book PDFs, info & deals on tablets, software, freeware, brush packs, texture packs, free stock images etc. Links collected will be compiled and in the post below.
>> Ask for feedback, critique, or help fixing your sketches in terms of anatomy, perspective etc. Please be concise, polite and specific on the things you want to improve.
>> Post about your favorite/inspirational artists and what about their art you admire the most.
Please make sure to include the following in your posts:
>> What your post is: Help Request / Resource / Tutorial / Speed Paint / Inspiration etc.
>> If it's Anthro / Human / Creature / Background / Object or Rendering etc.
>> Source Links and Credits
>> Keep everything PG13 and follow the forum's rules.

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always hungry
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always hungry
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always hungry
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Chapter 8
Educational Resources: All online art resources focusing on short courses
May add more laterrrr this is basically regurgitation from my horde of things..hope that is okay.

www.svslearn.com: Home - visual society of storytelling

Art Camp - Learn Together - Noah Bradley's art camp

The Gnomon Workshop | Professional Artists Training with Tutorials in Visual Effects & 3D Animation Software - Gnomon workshops, I have taken their classes now and then very cool stuff.

SmArt School: A Smarter Art School - Another school probably only worth it if you live in their area though

Valley Anatomical Preparations, Inc. - Dinosaur bone reference

www.schoolism.com: Online Art Classes: Watch the Videos, Do the Assignments, Get Feedback. Education Evolved - Digital art classes

cgsociety.org: CGWorkshops - Digital media workshops

www.cgmasteracademy.com: CGMA Academy - More online courses from leading experts

www.wattsatelier.com: Online - Online anatomy classes

Stan Winston School of Character Arts - Materials for three dimensional sculpting and creature creation

artschoolvideos.com: Online Art Videos and Classes – Online Art Classes, Animation, Concept, Gaming and Fine Art - More college level learning

design studio press - where concept art and education meet. - Lots of cool books

Stuart Ng Books - Illustration Animation & Comic Art - More cool books

www.budsartbooks.com: Bud's Art Books - And yes, yes it more books...

idrawgirls.com: Learn how to draw and digital paint from video tutorial by professional concept artists - Educational tutorials they are in this top list is they cost $$

www.ctrlpaint.com: Home - This has both free and paid tutorials

cubebrush.co: ART School -Another online school

Digital Art Tutorials | - Art tutorials

artofsteveahn.com: WORKSHOP - Blossom Detective Holmes - An animation and a drawing workshop

Tutorials: free that don't cost haha as I realize that is a big list of expenses

www.youtube.com: Proko - Videos by Proko they are cool to follow along with

www.youtube.com: Scott Robertson - A super cool artist worth looking into

line-of-action.com: Line of Action - (Note this has figure drawing yes there is nudity in the figure drawing!) Let me know if you wish me to remove this it is a good resource tho.

Hmm crawls back under rock.

https://www.autodestruct.com/thumbwar.htm - A good talk about creating thumbnails by Paul Richards