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Artist survey


Probably still lives in a giant bucket
After taking a look at the "rate the artist" topic I thought that rating would actually be an interesting feature, but perhaps not presented in that form since it really would be more of a popularity contest without any sort of context for the question of rating. Rating can be "my best friend" or "my favorite fan-artist" and have no bearing on "this person draws nicely."

Then you could click to another tab and see overall artist ratings on those subject in particular.

So what about an artist survey? Something that would go kind of like this:

Colored works:

Shading: Often, Sometimes, Rare
Shading quality: Good, Sometimes confusing, Doesn't match light source
Use of color: Overall appropriate choices, Sometimes appropriate and sometimes not, Not very appropriate
Overall quality: scale of 1-10


Quality of lines: Good, Sometimes good, Needs work
Use of line weight: Often, Sometimes, Rarely
Overall quality: 1-10


Cleanliness: Usually cleaned up, Sometimes messy, Never cleaned up
Overall quality: 1-10


Depending on the type of artist the survey might change, so it might be appropriate to have artists select the kinds of works they do in a check box type fashion and it would add or subtract parts of the survey. ie you are a photographer and 3d modeller, so you select those two and omit the rest. Or you color other artist's works but don't draw yourself, so you select only color. That sort of thing.

Might also include some broad subject sort of additions, such as anatomy since that can apply across the board to anthros, nonanthros, humans, elves, chicken monsters, etc. Whatever kind of figure you draw, it would have anatomy. Or composition, which could include pose use and background.

Complex? Hell yes. But I think it would work a little better to avoid bias than one simple rating.