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(Base/YCH) Selling: Artistic Nude Pin Up $150+


always hungry

"double cheeked up, on a Thursday afternoon!"

• any gender, any species, similar build/body please
• OK: add chest, humans/humanoids, expression change
• NO: genitals, nsfw
• background: curtains, window shadows, paneled walls & flowers of your choice
• nude or clothed. if your character has clothes, send references. If you want me to design a new outfit +$50
Normal Finish: sample 1 sample 2 sample 3

◇ SB: $150
◇ MB increase: $10
◇ AB: $300

AB Perks
• 2 versions, one nude one with free outfit design
• any background you want. sample 1 sample 2 sample 3
full paint finish

Bidding Ends: April 8 or AB
Please pay within 24 hours after winning via paypal.

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