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Artists of Fur Affinity: what motivates you, specifically?


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I think really for me it's just being able to create something that is entirely yours and not impeded on the tools required to create it (minecraft blocks, etc) and you have full control over. Just that feeling of creation is what really motivates me.

Frank Gulotta

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People I met there and the potential of meeting more people like this is about all I get from it. I sure wouldn't be publishing there if it wasn't for the exposure, it's kind of a meh platform that would be worthless if it wasn't for mere size. I can't even use it properly for browsing.


I'm in multiple fandoms, but I also like to make my own OC's. I also RP a lot and there is a substantial fanbase of my characters on Deviantart.

I consider myself not a part of Fur Affinity, (don't like a lot of people here), but I do post on my FA page.

When I got into the Sonic fandom, it was filled with elitists and it was back in 2010 when things were batshit insane. I wanted to leave my mark on the world, so with hard work I've been trying to improve. I've took my revenge of the Sonic fandom (and Ken Penders) and used it productively to make my own war stories and lore, then I experiment and make the most crazy things just because I fucking want to.

Oh, and I like giants as you can tell. But not the kinky kind, the kind with backstories, motives, and lore. I also get random ideas from other series and I took my liking of DC comics into some of my cast.


Out of all the aspects of art that keeps me going, it's mainly the community feedback on the art like comments and favorites. Shows that at least someone is seeing it.

Maybe? Maybe not? It's impossible for art to go completely unviewed. But even with the low view/favorite counts I get now, I still want to keep making art to just overall improve because I know one day my art will reach a bigger audience, and I also really want to one day create an animated show / cartoon.

Obviously in the furry community NSFW will always overtake SFW, it's just the nature of the fandom, no matter how many people say it isn't porn-oriented.
My more raunchy art always gets more favorites and likes (more fetishy stuff on FA and buff men on insta = UGH FAVORITES), but that still doesn't stop me from being primarily SFW.

One reason I prefer DA over FA, and tbh I don't care how many watchers I get. They come and go, but I like to make my characters memorable.


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i draw because it's fun for me and i like it. that was always my motivation, but for the past few years, i was stuck in a creative slump because i felt like my art wasn't good enough. yeah screw that. who cares if it's good or bad? all that matters is having fun. that's what i think