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Artists with Etsy or Redbubble stores!



I hope this thread is allowed (oh dear mods please bare with me).

With no cons around and my laptop being awfully clean... I am in dire need of some furry stickers (but shirt, keychains, art prints, etc are also welcome).
I like to browse the artist alley always so this could be a neat solution. Supporting artists and their goods is something I like to do.

The search engine of redbubble/etsy is horrible + especially on redbubble there is a lot of stolen art. So I prefer the artists linking me their store.

I live in Europe, so note for etsy or other stores that ship from USA/Asia/... I will most likely not purchase but feel free to still drop the link.

Thanks a lot in advance <3


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Heyo! I don't exactly have a Redbubble shop but I do have some merch up for sale that you can order by contacting me directly in private (either via forum PM if you prefer, or via DA/FA note, or email at alkalinesparks [at] hotmail [dot] it ).
I have stickers up for sale but also keychains, pins, originals, miniprints, and comicbooks/artbooks. I'm also in Europe!
List of the merch + more info on my contacts is at this link:
Not present in the link above (admittedly I have to renew the stock a bit) is the latest comic volume, which can be seen here with the according prices:
And a series of backpacks produced with a textile pattern based on a character of mine. Price would be 25$ + shipping. Pics here:
More pics here and here if you want to see the fabric in detail (the design is woven, not simply printed, and the fabric is very very sturdy, perfect for bags that need to sustain weight and heavy usage).
Pic of my pattern:

Payment via Paypal, if interested feel free to contact me via forum PM, or DA note, or FA note https://www.furaffinity.net/user/valery91thunder/ or the email written above!


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Hello! I sell various fluffy stuff in my shop:

I'm US-based but I utilize printing services that are located worldwide, so the shipping is not overly expensive.


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Take a look to my Redbubble and Teepublic <3