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Arts for you.


Hii and welcome to my thread! <3

Well I don't know about you but I am ready to make some art. Feel free to request something.

A few rules-
- Please post refs, not just a link to a gallery.
- I don't do nsfw but will take nsfw refs.
- I reserve the right to post the piece, with credit given to you. You are also welcome to post the piece, with credit given to me.

Finally, an example: http://imgur.com/uJoRI
May be more or less refined than that.

Also, if you would prefer a trade, let me know, though I don't have any proper refs for mine yet.

Hope you guys are having a fine day/night/morn.


You're a silly filly!
Hello there!
If you're up for it, I have a character that I wouldn't mind having you draw. It looks like ferals are what is being offered, but if I'm wrong, please correct me!

I would love it if you could draw Yuuta for me :D


Please and thank you so much!


You're a silly filly!
If you like Yuuta, then I'll stick with him. :D

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Do forgive me for burdening you with more requests, but if it isn't a problem--
Here is a reference for the character I tend to stay with.
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8570676/ (I made a little redesign of this character a while ago)
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7774539/ (Here is the outfit. Would be splendid if you'd include it)

We could do a trade, but only later. I have several things to do first, quite frankly.

Thank you for your offer.
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You're a silly filly!
;~; He looks so cute, I just wanna hug him!
Thank you a million times, thank you. :3 You do such adorable artwork <3


Well they're very into music and that kind of thing, hmmm
OH OH What about a pose of them back to back, Claude with a sketchbook drawing and Geoff with a guitar
Or maybe one of them play-wrestling? Like Claude sitting on Geoff's back holding his leg and tickling his foot, something like that?

Trying to this of fun interesting poses<3
Thank you btw ;w;



Ajdhkjghdkjghskdjfgkj!!! That is the most completely precious picture omigosh! That POSE! Aaaaaahhh, lookit those fluffy wings and that happy little faaaace! And a butterfly! I love love love bugs, and I follow them around to inspect them all the time in real life, so that is PERFECT. Eeeeeee! <33333

Thank you so so so much, you are the beeeest!


I have two fursona's I like to throw your way, but I don't have any real references for my ladies and I'm not sure if you can work off just descriptions or not.