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Arts for you.


Howling to the moon

Oh my GOSH ;//; He's PERFECT!
I love the way you drew his eyes - many artists have a problem with them! Wonderful job, thank you sooo much!!
Aww, and his lightblue fur <333~ I love it, thank you ;w;

Could you please give me a reference / description of your character? I feel I should draw you something!
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I'm not too sure if you're taking anymore requests later on, but if you are, I'd love to have this birdy of mine drawn by ya ^_^
Feel free to draw anything you can imagine of her!


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You are doing some fabulous work there!


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Can you draw a nyala? The only markings that matter are on his face: three dots on the cheeks, the white chevrons below the eyes, and the white around the mouth. You can just do a bust if you'd like.

Front view.

Side view.



Well, I'll throw Ahri and Ehris your way still and, if they don't get grabbed, I'll just wait for your next round and try again. ^.^ Thank you for letting me toss 'em up here.
Some of the info is just silly things I added on, like the "tattoos", not necessary in the slightest.

Ahriana: 5'3"with a toned but curvy figure. She has icy white fur, with a lightgray patch on her stomach, black socks on each paw and dark red tipson her ears and tail. Her fur has the soft silky texture of the Arctic fox, but the sleek and tamed appearance of the Red Fox (minus the coarse texture), her tailcarrying the “fluff” common to the Arctic fox.
She has claw/scratch mark discoloration on her hips, angling in toward her inner thighs and a black batman symbol onher upper back. Her eyes are bright green andsomewhat defiant and her hair is waist.

Ehris: '3.5"with a lithe toned figure. Her fur is melanistic/black with slightdiscoloration of the black , giving it a yellow undertone with herrosettes (spots) pure black ( http://i47.tinypic.com/dpz5gg.jpg ). Itis sleek and silky with a a bit of "poof" on the fur of hertail, giving it a lush and "cuddly" feel and appearance. She has a paw print discoloration on her inner right thigh with aclaw/scratch mark discoloration on her left shoulder blade (goingthrough the spots). Her ash/blonde (with a faint rosette pattern)hair falls just below her shoulders in soft waves and her eyes aregolden and seductive/flirty.



rai southpaw - http://imgur.com/sI4B0

ahriana - (nfsw for anatomy) http://imgur.com/hylIb
(decided to add clothes) http://imgur.com/ycDmT
Hopefully that is somewhat like what she's supposed to look like. I wasn't 100% on all the details.

chakram - 2 versions. http://imgur.com/kZDFa

Kay, that was a lot of fun. My first ever batch of requests. :) I think I'll close this down for now; sorry to those I didn't get to. I'll probably do another one of these in the future. Thanks for playing. :p