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Artwork of newly designed character please. (Plus, Name suggestions)


Hyperactive Bunnyfox
So, while i play SecondLife often, i've never actually created a avatar that was a mishmash of various parts, untill now. I did the custom textures for her ears, and tail. And used a Frick Finkler Fox mod as a base. With Puppy paws feet. The end result is this girl.

Larger image: http://i.imgur.com/ddzq1F8.jpg
Now, i've already taken a strong liking to this avatar, However, she has no name yet, and i'd love to have some artwork of her that i could use to better visualize what a beautiful girl she is outside of the SL platform.
Anything would make me happy, from sketches, to busts, icons, anything to see my new stunning girl drawn out, would make me exceptionally grateful.

Also: She still needs a name, so if you cant draw anything, still offer up suggestions for a name for her. Thank you!
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Hyperactive Bunnyfox
She's beautiful.
If I come up with an idea I might draw her for you.

But for now just some name suggestions...
Top of Head - Lime, Citrus, Jade
Looked Up - Absinthe, Midori, Esmerelda, Fern, Verde, Verna
Thank you. :3
I really like Jade out of those suggestions. but will hold on for a few days to see if anythign else that just 'clicks' pops up. but jade seems like a good start.


Party Cat
Tweak was the first name that came to mind when I looked at her.


Hyperactive Bunnyfox
Gave this a shot. n_n I don't think I got the markings quite right, but hope you like it anyway; took some artistic freedom with the clothes. http://imgur.com/6I0TSKj

ohgosh. Thank you so much. She looks quite charming in your work. i really like it alot. :3
i love this random little character more and more.

also, decided to go with Jade. Alternatively Jade Tweak if she needs a last name at any time. somehow, that sounds good in my head. xD