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as it is pride month and all... What is your sexuality ?


As it is pride month i was just wondering what everyone's sexuality is :3 pure curiosity.

I will start with mine ^^ i am Rolisexual ~<3


Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
Bisexual with a preference for women.

Jackpot Raccuki

Aka the hot single in your area. (Not Single)
Hello, I am hella gay and the proud owner of all the gay essence.
And no I don't like femboys before you ask, pure men only.


Officially elected and actual ruler of FAF


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I honestly don't really know! I bounce between quite a few labels but the same idea is always expressed, and I once got introduced to the term "greysexual" which actually seems to be what applies to me the best! Despite that reduced sexual attraction, I'm heavily male-leaning whenever it happens so make of that what you will.

(And happy pride month to everyone here!)

Foxy Emy

*Mischivious Noises*
Pansexual, semi-demisexual (kind of fluid here), and of course, transgender!


Queen of FaF. Empress of Fløøf.
Pansexual genderfluid~ I hop between genders as the mood takes me. Although my sona leans into the ultrafem look hehe.