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as it is pride month and all... What is your sexuality ?


Personally, I think that way too many folks actually are causing themselves unnecessary stress by over analyzing themselves. Way too much effort is wasted on trying to label EVERYTHING! Just be yourself and be less concerned about what others label you. Life's too damn short, as it is.
I kind of agree, but I think the actual frustration being asexual is finding someone that you are compatible with. Asexual people are a bit more rare and there seems to be a lot of variation… so I think we try to define ourselves because we think it will help us find what we’re looking for… not sure if it really ever does though… i’m sure other sexualities contemplate the same issues.


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I believe I am tracking, regarding trying to figure yourself out. I had that difficulty for a very long time.


Bi, I suppose. I am just not really all that sexually motivated, and my drive is pretty low.
But I think the reality is it does not matter, as long as my partner is nice and we have things in common I think that's all that matters.

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Wasn't gonna participate as I've been telling who I am a few times before in FAF...

...but it won't hurt telling it again, I guess?


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Bi, female preference, but a dom that will tie me down is going to the top of the priority list regardless of gender. :p


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I'm a cisgendered woman and I am Bisexual. I am married to a man and people seem to think this contradicts my sexuality somehow. lol
I also consider myself Demi and I require an intimate, mental connection before I can find someone sexually attractive. I'm also monogamous.


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Pride MONTH? A month Pinkporro? Don't be so ridiculous! We're gay all year round! Bisexual with a female lean B)


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