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as it is pride month and all... What is your sexuality ?


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I think that is called aesthetic attraction (thinking someone looks good/cute but not sexual)! I am pretty sure even aces feel this type of attraction. Rock on! :D

It's so weird that I've never heard of this term after spending so much time in LGBT groups/spaces...! Good to know!

I don't have want to see a band in concert to like one of their songs. In fact, I can dislike 95% of a band's music and still like a few songs. I'd never call myself a fan, but that doesn't stop me from liking a few. Not much different when it comes to people.

Haha trueee that's a good way to put it.

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pansexual or bisexual, i think... comfier with the pan label and i've got some stuff of the flag, so that's what i go for. really in the end i just like whatever i like, but like things different ways. been exploring my sexuality regarding men recently, and coming to terms with how much i actually like 'em in reality. been associating myself more in my head with the achillean label, but i wish there was a bigger variety of stuff i could get to show my pride for that.


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I am the kind of person that is not sexually attracted to either gender. I believe that is called asexual.


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I used to be straight, but after getting involved in this fluffy mess of a community and running around this site in 2016, I tried to force myself to be gay to fit in. I got halfway, so now I'm somewhat bisexual.

Are you joking?

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I have no idea what I am: attracted to girls, either as-born or MtF Transgender.

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Well. . .I like boobs, if that means anything to anybody. I just thought I'd put that out there.


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I have no idea what I am: attracted to girls, either as-born or MtF Transgender.
Well, sexuality can be complicated. Like when sometimes thinking of trans people there are terms of androphilia and gynephilia. Might be that.