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as it is pride month and all... What is your sexuality ?


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uh I can explain?
Gay? But then again I'm genderfluid and am female right now so straight? But I might like girls so pan, lesbian, bi, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


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I'm just straight. I've never been interested in guys.

Not stopped guys asking me out though. I'm flattered but I don't swing that way!


Considering the sheer amount of war games that I never looked at another man and went "ooh, yeah I want me some of that". It would be a fairly safe estimate to presume I'm heterosexual.


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Considering the sheer amount of war games that I never looked at another man and went "ooh, yeah I want me some of that". It would be a fairly safe estimate to presume I'm heterosexual.
I can load your howitzer ;)

Ha! Just had to. XP


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Aaah but Sun Tzu said that all War is deception. Or something along those lines. Perhaps I do have bombshells, and a railgun OwO!!

I should stop xD


Yes. Pansexual. There. Thread is relevant once more!


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I am asexual. Honestly, just the thought of having sex sounds uncomfortable.



It took a long time to come to that conclusion though, I previously thought I was asexual and before that I was just super confused. Still haven't told any of my family or friends, and probably won't until I have to.

Sexuality is tough at young ages, especially with kids being as brutal as they are. I feel for anyone still figuring stuff out themselves. <3


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I'm straight, and I have to say I have been missing sex due to the restrictions and all. My girlfriend has been stuck in Switzerland for the last five months being unable to come back as she's afraid she might not be able to return, and she cannot miss the last year of her studies. Luckily we keep some intimate connection by having cyber sex and video chatting as much as possible but since I wanted to add a bit more realism into the whole thing I decided to send her some awesome toys that I found on an awesome site and if you want you can read more and understand what an amazing gift for your partner this is specially when you benefit from it too afterwards.
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I'm heterosexual. The flag is black and white so I guess I'm a jailbird. Lol


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Mostly gay with a little bicuriosity that haven't ever bothered to explore. It's hard to explain that bicuriosity without getting into kinks. I'm open to FtM I just haven't encountered that yet irl. Still a gold star gay, at the moment, as they would say.

I like to explain my sexuality as being attracted to masculine features and functions if anything.


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No idea and I don't particularly think that can be sorted.. so quoisexual I guess.: https://rainbowpedia.wikia.org/wiki/Quoisexuality
However, I believe that I don't want to be with a partner even if I'm really not ace.
At this point I'm fairly confident that I'm aromantic though for that's more confident.

This question should probably include gender too. I believe that I'm cisfemale. I don't like feminine stereotypes or even really in general things that are particularly feminine feeling in most cases but I do still feel that I am female.
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Cis Het Male, but proud ally! Also my brother just gave his boyfriend an engagement ring so I have pride by proxy.