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as it is pride month and all... What is your sexuality ?


Not exactly pride month anymore but I can still answer the question lol

It's actually kind of complicated I guess... if someone just casually asks me I usually say I'm gay. If I think they're asking because they're interested in me I might say I'm bisexual or pansexual (I go back and forth between the terms depending on context) but it's a little deeper than that.

Sexually, I prefer men. I'm only sexually attracted to women if I already have a strong romantic attachment to them, which I consider a limited form of asexuality/demisexuality. My level of sexual attraction towards anyone also fluctuates a lot, sometimes I don't experience any sexual attraction at all for extended periods of time, so I consider myself gray-asexual. In any case, I've casually hooked up with a lot of guys, but I've never hooked up with a woman. So if I'm a little manic and I start feeling hypersexual, I always gravitate towards men... because that's just where I'm at, on the purely sexual level. But that is not the only level that matters to me.

Up until now, I've actually only had strong romantic attachments to women. I think I could have that kind of relationship with a man (and that would probably be ideal for me -- or a trans girl) it just hasn't happened yet. But, I think I've been somewhat limited in fully exploring my sexuality because I'm FTM, and a lot of the guys I've done it with were straight cis men... and I just have nothing in common with them, basically. Obviously I'm not going to develop a strong romantic bond with someone who views me as an exotic sex object. Meanwhile, I can relate to other gay men but many of them do not consider me as a potential partner and might not even respect me as a gay man in a really basic way, which is equally as bad.