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Ash Ketchum is a choker


boi...chill out!
He might be the biggest choker I've ever seen. He doesn't know how to use his Pokemon, he relies on that yellow rat too much and he always chokes in the big tournaments.

He's pathetic.
I've never heard the term "choker" before. I may or may not have assumed it was a sexual thing.

But yes, I don't think many Pokermans fans will have a problem with your claim.
As a Trainer, Ash sucks. He is useless. He ignores typing and there is no consistency for his battle strategies.

His morals are wonky too! He was mad at that jerk kid for instantly releasing weak Pokémon, but Ash himself just hoardes as many as he can at Oak's place or sets them free himself "when they're ready".

Something about his presence seems to drag down the ambitions of any of the 129030+ companions he's had too! [/rant]


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But since the show is aimed at 4 - 12 year olds, Ash will always reset no matter how much progress he makes in a region, he'll always get curbed stomped in the league by a deus ex machina, there are times when he's winning steadily and then bam!! he has to fight a legendary.

Ash will forever be 10 years old to appeal to the new generation of kids each time.

I honestly think they should make a darker/gritter pokemon anime along side the main one, like the black and white animated trailers showed, to be aimed at the fans who originally grew up with it and are now young adults / adults.


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Isn't it already a bit dark and gritty?
a evil professor sends a small child out on a impossible quest that will probably take his entire life to "complete" just so he could bang the kids mom.
that sounds dark and gritty to me.

Elzevir Ravnika

Better late than never =)
Ash is for sure a technically bad trainer but he's cheerful with his pokemons. When you compare with the actual games, players usually hard training there pokemons and not spending time entairtaining with them, for me, pokemons should be treated like children with love :)

By the way, now I want to watch the 2000's film again ^^, on my way to it =p

Peace <3


hai guiz wuts goin on in hur
Jessie and James are the best trainers in that show. Their pokemon lose all the time, yet they still love them.

The other characters are akin to soccer moms who get pissy when their children do not win. Jessie and James accept their pokemon just the way they are.


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I want a Pokemon anime where Ash goes into a warehouse full of Koffing and a terrorist tells them to all use Self Destruct.

Mission Impossible? Tom Cruise can go suck one.


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I never really enjoyed watching the Pokemon anime, the games were fun but even when I was a lot younger I always thought that Ash was really annoying.


Ash realeses everytime his best pokemon lol he is such an idiot.
He will never win an pokemon league, and this ketchup never uses his older pokemons.



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I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I've started to watch Pokemon again. :sad:

It's one of those guilty pleasures I've had since forever. I watch it for a while, get uninterested, a new games comes out, new region, new anime, get to see new pokemon in anime... It's a vicious cycle. The anime's always been 2nd place to the games for me, but they both kinda advertise each other.

Ash actually did worse in the Unova tournament than he did in Sinnoh. The likelihood of him winning a tournament (outside Orange Islands) is kinda low, but at least for a time he was making progress.

I admire Paul from sinnoh region more.

Paul's like your average competitive player, checking IVs, disregarding NUs, and acquiring PokeDollars. But of course when you transpose that way of thinking into a world where the 'mons have feelings, he becomes the bad guy. He gets results, though.


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The show sucks from a story point, but man... it's hilarious, even still now. Gotta love Team Rocket. And Brock.

Then the show stopped being funny after a few seasons. It tries too hard now.


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...you have a weird way of wording things.

I thought you were saying he was a serial killer


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I think they should pull a Pokemon Chronicles on it and reset the trainer each series. This way the trainer can legit get and stay better and actually win. It would be a nice change up and I'm sure young fans would like seeing the avatar from their games just as much as Ash (since it's targeted at kids). Ash and Pikachu can be famous in this new world and help the new trainers from time to time (like what Cynthia and Prof. Oak did for Ash). That way he could stay relevant and Pikachu can stay most popular. Heck, they can keep the movies based off Ash but since he's champion now, him being the hero and fixing things makes even more sense.


Ash is the worst dogfighter ive ever seen, he doesnt know when to pick his pokemon up
but hey at least pikachu is GrCh thats what matters right
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