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Ask me for art if you like


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Well, I'm not that good and I want to see if I could improve so........
I'm drawing people's furs!

Please have a reference pic.


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here's a request

a sequence of a Woman transforming into a Gorilla

plot: A Brown Haired Woman (preferably named Jenny) is a zookeeper that's doing a decent job until she noticed that the male Gorilla is feeling pretty lonely but she plans to solve it tomorrow, however that changes when she watches her favorite film Disney's Tarzan. When she fell asleep some magical happened, The film is transforming her into a gorilla (resembling Kala in the film). When she woke up, she's now a gorilla wearing her zookeeper's outfit which doesn't feel comfortable to her anymore so she walked (gorilla style) over to the Gorilla exibit and meet up with the lonely male gorilla and then they live together and have kids

references for the Woman's target form
http://animationarchive.net/Feature Films/Tarzan/Model Sheets/KALA06.jpg
http://animationarchive.net/Feature Films/Tarzan/Model Sheets/KALA04[1].jpg
http://animationarchive.net/Feature Films/Tarzan/Model Sheets/KALA03.jpg
http://www.ohanamatata.com/albums/02 Disney Classics/Tarzan/tarzan00321.jpg
http://www.ohanamatata.com/albums/02 Disney Classics/Tarzan/tarzan00287.jpg
http://www.ohanamatata.com/albums/02 Disney Classics/Tarzan/tarzan00351.jpg
http://www.ohanamatata.com/albums/02 Disney Classics/Tarzan/tarzan00423.jpg

have fun kid!


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Feel free to have a go at my fursona :)

His name is Marlin he's a cross breed of a cheetah and a fox. Here's a picture of him in a funny ferral form:

I would really like to see how he'd turn out in anthro form, it should be quite a challenge for you if you're up for it :)

Here's a picture of my old fursona, to give you an idea of how my new fursona's build would look like as an anthro:




Daring Air Pirate!
Well, I'm not that good and I want to see if I could improve so........
I'm drawing people's furs!

Please have a reference pic.

Hey, I'm game, and there're something like 270 pages of refs avail online. My avatar's essentially my character, Chris Deck, from the HAVOC, INC. series I wrote for Radio. For outfit and (glasses) modification, PM me if you're interested. I have all kinds of annoying notes!:D


Would you be willing to draw Lazar ( http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1595841/ ) at the age of Edis ( http://www.furaffinity.net/view/940574/ ) doing something sexy & cute?

If you're willing to have two characters, I've recently fallen in love with an otter. He's currently going through very tough times at school and could really use something to cheer him up. He's never had his character drawn before.

Blue is a skinny but well built otter, longish blue hair with bangs in a surfer cut. The hair hangs in front of eyes but doesn't cover them up, the hair is straight. hair in back is around shoulder length, in front it ends just bellow the eyes.
The fur is brown with a light brown coat on his chin down his body and legs and tail.

He has two dimond shaped blue fur patches inbetween the other two fur colors on oposite sides of his waist/hips. these dimonds are long-ish up and down, starting about mid-calf and ending around the belly button. The lines are straight but they arn't perfect geometric diamonds. at the widest point, a human hand thick.

He's had one pic of him drawn so far, but it's not exactly a reference:


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