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Ask The User Below You Anything


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Coco Pops. :3

Worst feetwear you've ever worn?

Good Boy Avery

Level 28 Good Boy


Two questions, actually. Who is your favorite character from the Mario-verse, amd why is it Luigi?


Prepare for the collapse
My mind goes a LOT lower than my actions. Physically, I am not great at limbo but can move okay in a low crawl.

What's something you're looking forward to this week?

Good Boy Avery

Level 28 Good Boy
Rapunzel. Good base for evil villain backstory, proven combat prowess to fight the heroes, and high charisma makes for gathering friends and minions easily.

Which Disney princess would win in a battle royale?


Fun loving kitty cat
Does the girl from Brave count as a "Disney princess"? Either her or Mulan probably.

(tricky question) What Disney PRINCE would win?

...but the catch is you have to NAME them, not just say "prince charming" or "the one who hit on <x>. They must be at least worth a name to count.

sleepy kitty

frisky feline
Prince Adam when he's still in his beast form.

Who would win in a fight? Vin Diesel or The Rock??


Defender of the Sacred Nuggs
*gags as card is pulled out of mouth*

Omg how did you do that?!

What is your favorite fast food chain?


This is a pretty mundane answer but I do like McDonald’s strawberry shakes xd so I guess McDs

what’s your favorite video game? ^u^


Don't mind me, just lurking
I feel like this one bounces around a lot for me, but I'm gonna have to say FF7R.

Would you rather have a pet seal or a sea lion?