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Ask The User Below You Anything


I'd give up fries to be honest. All the other options are too good to give up for life, and I never was much of a fries person anyway :p

If you could have one wish granted what would it be? (and I swear if you say MORE wishes >:c I will boop you on the nose)


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"Nae King, Nae Quin, Nae Laird, Nae Master,
We will not be fooled again!"

Terry Pratchet - the Wee Free Men

If you could own one fancy technological gizmo, what would it be?
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Uh, Erix? It’s right up there you know? ^ ;)

What do you like to do for fun? =]
T-T you didn't get the Monty python reference I'm sed now

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh probs chill on Discord, draw, and fanatically root for my favorite American football team. And sleep. definitely sleep.

What... is your favorite color?


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Does Natasha the Robot count? She's a total sweetie and she's got the brains too.

Say you have a million pounds / dollars / whatever and for tax reasons, you have to give it to a charity. Which one(s) do you pick as the main beneficiaries?


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Well i wanna pick something that would help as many people as possible. Probably some type of environmental charity.

You have a fox for a day. What do you do/use them for?

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I'll play with the fox, give them lots of treats & pets, and cuddle! Pet foxes are SOOOO cute! ♡♡♡

If you could be any kind of fish, which one would you be?