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Ask The User Below You Anything


Very tired animator
Lmao I prefer more to not be seen by people, but I do have a very obviously furry face mask that I think is cool.

Worst sound in the world- GO!


there is no meaning. im worth nothing =D

is there something in your closet, besides me?


i can use my electric buzzing to make the effect of a tesla coil. it works! i kinda sounds like a buzzing saxophone.

did you let madness fill you, and hear voices from the other world?


Bad Jokes Inc.
Where do I even begin..?
Shrimps. Oyster. A lot of various sea foods.. canned food. The list is long.

Had any kind of crush on someone you told yourself you shouldn't have one on?


Joy Boi
Frying pan! *Bonks*

If ya had a hickory drum and an ivory tooth pick, but only had one way to make it out of the evil villian's (btw its @Guifrog) lair. But you needed a passcode for the door, how would you get out?
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