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Ask The User Below You Anything


Joy Boi
Hmmmm.... I think the official measurement would be about the size OF YOUR MOM.

*Pokes fingers together* Uhm.. w-where do baby Eeevees come from? *Gibs cute look*


Happy Pride Everyone!! | Friendly Maney+Phoenix
so you see, when a man loves a woma- you know what, nevermind.

what should i do with kiba now that he isnt my fursona anymore?
I believe that you should keep him and bring him back as a guest star or as a character of his own in thw future
But this is a very personal decision so this is a lil suggestion uwu

What's your preferred snack?


Joy Boi
Snak time :3

Wut ur favowite snak?


Joy Boi
Not fallen off but there have been plenty of injuries xD

ever summon Staan?

Finn ^w^

Femboy Sharky stoopid-head
Not fallen off but there have been plenty of injuries xD

ever summon Staan?
no, i have never summoned
, but i have summoned satan.

favorite ice cream?

the sleepiest kitty

It's tuna, Jessica. >o>'
T u n a.
(I remember the reference from ages ago)

Do you like egg salad?


Joy Boi
Haha, 36!

What is thee purpose of my life?


Joy Boi
not really xD

Are you gay?


Well-Known Member
He puts hats there too, and Meta just wants to put the hats in the wardrobe.

Do you believe in the paranormal?


Joy Boi
Well i gotta! Your ass is out of this world <3

Fluffy butt or scalie butt?