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Ask The User Below You Anything


Joy Boi
Don’t really got any sorta just lame to be and here I am.

What’s your dinner plans?


I'll boop you with my mighty bappy boopers
Bacon chop and mash
Cinnamon apple crumble

*Gets down on one knee*
Will you marry me


Well-Known Member
Well, I have no idea even what your gender is right now. There's no way THAT couldn't go wrong! Tell you what, buy me a drink and we'll talk.

Imagine you're somehow born on a day that doesn't occur in the Gregorian calendar, like the 52nd of April or something, and you get to invent a brand new star sign that's not in the official zodiac just for yourself - what would its name be, and what kind of animal / thing would it be?

Paws the Opinicus

*Not technically* a Gryphon!
Thanksgiving, 'cuz there's two of 'em, and exotic food consumption is involved in both. :D

If you could only speak one single word for the rest of your life, what word would that be?


Fun loving kitty cat
Oh that's easy, "OHHHHH!!!!!!", spoken in the key of "wonderful". <wink>

If you could fly but not control where you went (like a balloon, you can only control your height), would you still do it?


Joy Boi

Is this a date OWO

Chad Firepaws

Manager at DOM-ino's
1. Canines. Way too popular, and can't stand up to big cats in a fight *insert snarky Chad plugin here*

2. Lions. Sleep 20 hrs a day and the males basically run a harem with the females who do all the hunting and raising the cubs. They really are symbols of nobility!

How ya doin' today?


slightly confused, mostly fun loving Protogen
Most excellent, thanks for asking!
Who's ready for the holidays to be over with already? *raises paw*


Well I’m ready for Christmas to be over because I’m going to Florida for a few days for New Year’s eve.

What secrets resides in the darkest corner of your life?


slightly confused, mostly fun loving Protogen
None. It makes life easier.
Anybody else looking forward to next year hopefully being better than the last 2 have been?


Well-Known Member
The living room. Am a bat.

Would you like to teach me how Furries do role-play? *Big innocent eyes completely unaware of what stygian horrors he is unleashing*


Joy Boi
ÒwÓ boy would I EVER

Where would you like to improve?


Joy Boi
Passable at best, infuriating at worst xD

What is something you can constantly see yourself enjoying.


Joy Boi
Sure, but we have to hold hands.

Whats something you like to do on a date?