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Ask The User Below You Anything

Chad Firepaws

Going out of business
Footballs! They're real fun to throw & stuff. Why, what other balls could I possibly mention?

If it hadn't been for Cotton Eye Joe,
I'd have been married a long time ago
Where did you come from, where did you go
where did you come from, Cotton Eye Joe?


Well-Known Member
[EDIT] (I WAS going to go with 'Operation Yewtree' but I figured nobody would get the reference)

If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can't I paint you?

Chad Firepaws

Going out of business
Because there's no sense of accountability, and it's much easier to diss a profile picture than insult someone to their face. (unless it's me, my face is downright punchable ;w;)

Why is my face so punchable?


Blue frog
Is it?! Ooooo lemme test!! *punchpunchpunchpunch*


Why does throwing a punch feel SO good?

Chad Firepaws

Going out of business
Probably not, it's more likely realistic VR tech will develop so we don't NEED to. At least as soon as I'm done playing VR DOM-ino's Senpai Simulator

What's your proudest accomplishment?


Joy Boi
Well ya see [redacted]


Whatcha do today?


Joy Boi
You're my favorite dragon!

Do ya got a favorite game?


Well-known Monkey
Very. 10/10

Do you use protective cases for your smartphone? If yes, what kind, ones that cover the back and sides, or one that closes like a notebook? Or something else?


My identity has been compromised! Oh noes!
I do in fact use a phone case, specifically the one that just covers the back and side. I find other ones to be too chunky or big to carry around in my pocket without being a bother. I also particularly like the pink cutesy rainbow design on my phone case too so there’s that!

Would you spend more money on a game for in-game stuff?


Joy Boi

Whats that in your pants?


Joy Boi
yas owo

do chu want to gib belly wubs


Joy Boi

What is your favorite sport?

Chad Firepaws

Going out of business
Football! The real American kind, not the stupid kicky kind (although I played stupid kicky kind all through high school)

What's your favorite instrument?