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Ask The User Below You Anything


Joy Boi
Yes Boops are a great way to show some affection! But be careful, some furs bite! *Snap* Tehe.

Whats your favorite way to show affection with friends?


Joy Boi
So far, none. Relationships have been a bit strange and I dunno, during them I thought they were the ones, but looking back there was a lot of flaws and something I can look to learn from. I just hope that my eventual life partner and I love each other very much. I look forward to it greatly.

What is something that is number 1 in a partner!


Joy Boi
I really REALLY like David Tenant. He is an awesome actor and the first thing I saw him in was Doctor who. Though, his villains have kinda turned me away from him.. though he still hawt as hell.

Do you have a favorite car?

Crayons Are Snacks

Where the heck am I?
Uhh… I wash my hair with Mane & Tail horse shampoo so I guess…clean…horse? Haha
- but for real, I do.

What is the cringes to thing you did as a child/teen that creeps into your memories every so often?

Baron Tredegar

Ukraine Strong!
This wasnt really me but I have distinct memories of when me and my cousin were about 9 we would play various imaginary scenarios but my cousin would keep inserting this girl he had a crush on into our scenarios. Im not talking about having her crash our play time, he straight up had an imaginary girlfriend based off of a real girl he had a crush on. Eventually I told him to stop and he vehemently denies this ever happened.

Who was the 45th emperor of China? (I honestly dont know the answer to this)


Joy Boi
Quite often yee. But the worst kind of boredom is when you're so bored its boring to try and figure out something to do.... crazy I know.

What kinda games do ya like, could be board, video, sports, word games, really anything.