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Critique: Asking for your opinions


Here are my galleries:
My personal works gallery - Userpage of KeesNailo -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
My commission gallery -Userpage of BlueButterflyStudio -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

1. What is it about my work that needs improvement and/or change?
2. What subjects would you like to see more of? (SFW only)
3. What should I create more of? (I.e., YCH, Bases, etc.)

I would really appreciate your input. I want to grow as an artist and I’m feeling pretty stagnant right now.

Some of my work in case you don’t want to leave the page:



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First thing, you've put two times the same link to your keesnailo page ^^
Next thing is, I won't answer the 2nd and 3rd point. I think it's more something to ask your community about

But I can answer what in my opinion is to improve (and of course it's just my opinion on this ^^). I think you've got nice coloring skills, anatomy knowledge and your style is cool. But your composition is lacking. It means that your pictures often lack a point of attention but also that either pose, background, don't go well together. It can be too messy, your character doesn't stand out and so on.
I think you should study the basics, search about principle of design and composition on the net.
Here's some I find useful: The 7 principles of design - 99designs , The Design Elements of Composing a Drawing - dummies

I hope you won't mind. I'll use one of your pictures as an example.
This one is pretty obvious in my opinion: www.furaffinity.net: A'right Nah by KeesNailo
The character stands out pretty good in the upper part of the picture, with the blue tones being complimentary with the yellow. The red and the green with the use of more details features in the linework allow the face to be the center of attention. That's cool! But the silhouette of the character is lost on the bottom-right part of the picture, because the background and characters have nearly no contrast in term of values and tones. The silhouette isn't clear, making your character mix with the background and lessening its presence. And your logo isn't helping at all for that matter since it's really visible with the blue being complimentary of the background and the character, thus making the character stand out less again.

I hope that helps a little! Keep up the great art!


oh dang, I fixed the second link to my commission gallery!

I was posting it with my ipad and I kept having trouble with the links. I didn't know it kept the same link D:

So I should darken the backgrounds or use contrasting values to make the subject pop and redesign my signature?

And thank you so much for your input this helps a lot! I know getting input from friends can be difficult because they don't want to hurt your feelings or they just generally don't see anything wrong with your art but I'm not here to ask with a fragile heart, I'm sincerely looking for crit and input and I really appreciate what you've given me <3


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You're welcome :)

Darkening or brightening the backgrounds can be one of the solution. You need contrast in a way or another. It can be with complimentary colors, with values change, with how you choose to place your character. That's why I thought you'll find the principle of design useful.
Photographers often use a lot of composition tricks to make their pictures interesting. You might want to look at photographies and study them while focusing on what your attention is drawn to and why.

For your signature, it was for the picture I used as an example. You just need to think of what you want. If you want your signature to pop well, that's a good way to do it. If you want the drawing to be the main piece, well you may want to rethink your way. If that's the case, you can think of a small signature version, of lessening the saturation, of lowering the opacity so that it's more inside the picture.

Do you use tools like color balance and levels? It really helps me to find what works better than my first idea.
Also you can switch to grey scales to see the values of your drawing and see if they are interesting.

Hope that helps ^^