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Aspiring New Artists come here!


No time like the present.
Spotty_the_cheetah said:
to Wolf E. Urameshi
It is necessary to use primitives (cylinders, spheres, squares) for creation of a figure. You have no it. I do not wish to seem rough, but I cannot redline this pic at all, therefore you should visit http://www.howtodrawmanga.com/tutorial.html or http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/farp/figure/williamlibodyconstruction.html - I began from it.

Please no "How to Draw Manga's" or "How to Draw Anime's", it hinders new drawing skills...
Sorry if I am rough on that, but I just don't like it. =/
A person should start out learning how to use primitives, then move onward once they get a good feel with it to develop how they like the human body. In fact, I once heard off of CA (I lurk there =3 ) that barely any popular Manga/Anime artists started off with just "how to draw anime/manga", the all learned traditionally, then headed toward that style. Which means they had good refs from good anatomy practice and yadda yadda yadda.
thank you ;)


Wow, this is a great Idea Iccy, I been looking for something like this...

I'm not exactly new, but I'm 100% Amatuer, proud of it, and I've pretty much always been underrated(and proud of that too). "Pop" scares me so I'd love to join a loose association of other amatuers and newbies if they could use my help or experience.

It's pretty frustrating that so few people bother to pick through the huge piles of incoming art so I can really sympathize with those who are honestly trying to establish themselves but watching the rest of FA "only roll out the red carpet" for every single unfinished spooge-scribbling that comes only from a popular artist's drunk pencil.

Mind if I tag along?
Well, I finally accomplished something I haven't done in a long time: Coloring. It's just that I haven't really been inspired to do any coloring. But I said what the the hell, why not? So here it is, this one is a little bit mature, but nothing too graphic. It's just a body pose really.
Here's a newer color pic I did. This one turned out much better than my last one. This is all color pencils this time. By far I feel, my best work yet.
Hold on, That's not the image I'm trying to portray here. You see, Any of my pics can and are sometimes "freeze frames", as in a frozen moment of time. I'm not trying to portray SO much action here, he's simply holding his gun tilting slightly to see his shot from a better angle. I have seen military personnel do this kind of stuff, so don't be saying "Use lines of movement", cause really he isn't moving as much as you think. Imagine a wall in front of the left side of the body, he's looking and tilting to get a better view, there isn't really a whole lot of movement being done. Thus, lines of movement aren't so neccesarilly required here.
You really think so? I've actually done the pose in a mirror to see if I could fall like you say. And it turns out that I wasn't falling anytime soon. I tilted my body just like the pic but I still had balance. I had balance because my legs were BOTH still on the ground. You see, I think you are saying what your saying because you can't see his whole body like that. If you saw more of the image as a whole, than you can understand it. Only reason you don't see any more of certain things in my pic is...
1. Because I don't have big enough sketch paper
2. Because the scanner I use isn't so big
So it seems that he wouldn't fall down, even though it appears so in the pic. Well, enough ranting from me, I end this talk of my pic and whatever else about it. Let's see if anyone has anything new to show.


RTP User
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/427981/ Ugh i posted this a while ago. so How did i do anatomy wise.
Well, it took a long while, but I got everything ready for my own PC. Anyway, I finished this earlier today, this is my colored version of my one and only scaly char at the moment. Now note, this is my first attempt EVER at a scaly type, I'm actually pretty glad at how it came out. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy :)
hey! im a new artist, also new to the furry fandom iv had a fursona for years, Iv loved furry art scicne i was a child, and now I figure its about time i get my ass online, id love to hear what ppl thingk of my work (link in signature)
Mind if i join in? I'm a newbie artist of sorts. I've been drawing dragons exclusivly for he last 8 years and mostly only heads (you can only fit so much in the margin of a page of notes) so here's my first official submission to the sight:


I will submit a coloured version later.
Well, been a while so I got something new to show, it's just a rough so I'm touching it up. There is a lot more detail work to follow but in the meantime, have a look at this. If you have any comments go ahead and say something, I don't care anymore how harsh or constructive it is.



Wolf E. Urameshi said:
I saw your stuff, sateva. Kudos! :)

Now's my turn: opinions on this, anyone?



That's pretty good, although in my opinion, it looks like we're looking up at him from below, in which case the perspective is kinda off.
However I could be wrong, you tell me :


I'm new!


Ill be posting more work end of the week >_>

How am I for starting?
Well I finished the rough, as for color, well I don't know. I actually like it better in B&W in my honest opinion. Anyway, here it is.