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ASUNDER: A Fantasy Equine Novel


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Hi everyone!

I'm still pretty new and figuring stuff out, so Admins and Mods, if this isn't allowed, please delete!

For the past couple years, I've been working on a fantasy equine novel titled Asunder. I've written about a hundred thousand words to it and still have about that much more to come before book 1 is finished. I've got about six books planned for this series, with a few of them written by or cowritten with my roommate! All in all, it's a pretty big task but one I love because I grew up on fantasy equine role play back in the day.

Asunder follows three kingdoms of wild, feral equine in a world where they are the dominant species, a land called Lomus. Magic runs freely throughout the world of Lomus and many equines are imbued with magic. The king of one of these kingdoms is sick and weak and has no heir to carry on his line.

Asunder is SFW insofar as sexual content but does contain graphic violence and other adult themes.

Asunder has a Patreon here, where new chapters are posted every month on the 15th. The prologue is available for anyone to read, Patron or not, so you can get a feel for my writing. I am not looking for concrit, thank you.