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At Dead of Night: A refreshingly old style of game done very, very well.


At Dead Of Night is a point and click mystery horror game, that has been made by mixing FMV (full motion video) and actual in-game graphics to give a chilling, uncanny-valley sort of feel to the game. Described as part film, part game, you explore an old hotel attempting to discover the history behind the man running it. It's really fascinating, and quite fun, too. I've had several moments of actual, genuine fear out of the cat-and-mouse scenario presented here. I especially love the decision to use point-and-click as the style of play here, because it creates that sort of discomfort you get from older Resident Evil games where you cannot control your camera view, at least not while moving. Leaving rooms leaves you facing the door to close it, forcing you to wonder what's behind you. Your enemy can be right around the corner, with the only warning being a small, inconspicuous shadow movement. You can outsmart him, locking him in rooms with the deadlock key. There are 3 distinct floors where he is looking for you, all providing a unique layout and experience when playing. I'm gushing here, but I truly do love this game.
If you want to see some gameplay of it, here's a really nice playthrough from John Wolfe.