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ATC Cards- Where to buy?


Dead Dead Deadski
I'm looking for some online stores that sell blank ATC cards and other sized papers and supplies. I had bought some from a great website last year but can't remember nor find it. :c


Don't believe the mask...
I don't know much about ATCs personally, but you can always find anything on Amazon. c:
Honestly, Amazon is my best friend. Their prices are usually fair (and you can buy resale if you want it even cheaper), they'll ship pretty much anywhere, and they have almost everything available.

Zack Fair

Sexi time, all the time.
Why not just buy your own paper and cut it yourself or get it professinoally cut at kinkos? It's much cheaper then buying packs.

Or buy some from me :D
Pretty much exactly what Zack said. xD

I had some scrap cotton paper leftover from screen printing on semester, and it's fantastic for ATCs (watercolor paper is usually cotton). If you go to a university, sometimes they have mechanical guillotine cutters you can use for free... which is useful if you have a whole huge stack of things. >3>