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Hello all, I'm not really new to cosplay but I am new to fur-related cosplay. I managed to build a squirrel yarn tail that I thought was going to hold up a lot better on its own than it did and now I have no idea how to make it attachable.


Sorry for horrible image, it's not 100% done I need to fill in some gaps and sew down the pieces going up at the base of the tail so they stay going in that direction but I asked my friend for a wire hanger and he suggested using this coated heavy gauge copper wire that you can see in the bottom right.

In my head, I was like "This is a great idea!" and the tail was still surprisingly light before I sewed on all the yarn-fur, who knew yarn could way so much. Now it stays up and holds shape beautifully and is fully adjustable as much as I want to adjust it, incredibly durable, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to attach the darn thing to my pants!

I was so desperate I was using a series of elastic hair bands... -.-; You can imagine how that worked. I had planned to wear the partially done tail to a comic book day celebration at my local comic store. I was supposed to go as The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. However, I couldn't get the tail to stay up.

It will hold the curl just fine I just need a good anchor at the bottom to keep it from falling over. I kept the wire base because I was trying to keep it anchored somehow but now I'm at a total loss. Anyone have any ideas, I've put 3 full days of work into this thing and I don't want to scrap it.

Thanks in advance!
~Lin <3


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You need to have the wire made with an end loop and wear a belt looped through it and worn decently tight to keep upright for heavier tails.

Kellan Meig'h

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One suiting panel at a FurCon had a builder talking about using a Delrin rod, like 3/4" in diameter from Tap Plastics. It was bent in such a way that it was the major support rod for the tail shape, the bottom was bent back up not quite 180 degrees using heat, then about another hand-span up, it was bent back down in another hand-span worth. The U-shaped loop was meant to lay flat against a belt that he had secured it to. You could use a wide belt like a lifting belt, punch some holes in it to thread some heavy tie-wraps(zip-ties), maybe three on each side through it, to secure the Delrin loop.

Public Safety Announcement follows;

Caution: Wear leather gloves to handle/bend the hot Delrin and do this OUTSIDE WITH A RESPIRATOR! The smoke/fumes coming off the Delrin are effing toxic! They will hurt you without a proper respirator! Not a dusk mask, either! You will need at the minimum, a heat gun or (not recommended) a propane torch to heat the rod. Delrin is some amazingly tough stuff.