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Attack on Titan!


New Member
So I'm not sure if this is the right forum for it, but I have been watching the anime Attack on Titan like crazy as of late, and I'm trying to find some people who enjoy watching it as much as I do! In so hyped for the final season!
The pacing over all the seasons is amazing. Ive never seen an anime that changes so much in the direction of its narrative and its themes so much and have it retain its sense of continuity. Not sure if I´d keep watching past the first season if it just kept being le epic gruesome giant slaying.


Chaotic Neutral Wreckage
I could never get passed the first few episodes, but then again, I struggle to watch most shonen style anime.
I did read the manga though. That said, I do really enjoy the concepts...well, until they go off the rails near the end.
Kuklo's spin-off was better imo.


Small but Mighty
ME, HELLO YES!! I don't read the manga and never will because it's not a story I'm interested in reading, but watching.
I have a Titan!Eren tattoo on my leg haha