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Attention: All Horses [animal legs for humans]


the ghost
I'd walk around in them SOLELY for the creep factor >:3 Just to increase my overall creepiness and add 14 inches. 9_9


A MUST for a modern fursuit :B

Pretty funny though. I bet she's a furry.

Ratte: yes, I remember some springish ones as well, if that's what you're thinking. More reminiscent of pogo sticks perhaps.


I must find a way to implement these into the members of the paramilitary organization that shall help me rise to power and crush all opposition. I wonder if they come in light brown?

Psi Xen

A bit odd and a bit interesting. Also, what are it's uses?

You'd have to get used to how to walk with it properly.

Also, if you fall, it would be hell to get up. You would have to ask someone for help. Thinking of this just makes me laugh.


Can't Get Rid of a Bomb
Once more, the most I can say is... interesting.

As much as I love odd creations and such, the movement (and the change it makes in proportions, kinda) strike me as a bit off.
Ponyplay? Yes.
Fursuiting? Yes.
Various Halloween costuming? Yes.

Any other reason? Noop.


A ghost passing through
Oh yeah she's a furfag, the second part of the video made it obvious :p
However, she may not know it yet...

Also, it doesn't look right. It doesn't even look like a centaur. In that way, yes it is creepy looking.