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New Member

Greetings to all furry lovers!

Even though I'm still a newbie here, I'm already glad to announce the first prize!

Winner award

I will draw your character for free. Art can be swf and nswf.
Any pose, any angle, any gender (even hermofradite, even trance)!
The character is only in solo, possibly with the participation of additional body parts (any penises that fuck your character).

For more information on what themes and perversions I DO NOT draw, see my main page.

The terms of participation

1. Subscribe to my page ( My page ). If after the end of the competition you decide to unsubscribe, it will be a pity :( Because I plan to regularly hold prize draws.
2. Leave your comment under this post ( POST PRIZE DRAWING) with your serial number.
3. Wait until the end of the competition and the determination of the winner.

All the rest

Dates until December 20, 2020 to 1.00
The winner will be selected using a randomizer.

If you win:
- I need a link to your character
- I will contact you within 24 hours after the end of the competition
- art will be ready within a week or two
The participant will receive a work in high definition.

You can see examples of my work in the gallery ( Portfolio ).

Thanks for attention! Your FanaticCG!