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the furry fury
hi all if anybody watches current tv or goes on their site at current.com then please post your responses to what I have written about the fandom at http://current.com/items/90526386_w.....te-furries.htm I am hoping some of the responses will get aired or something and people will finally let go of the dark and dim view they have of furs

also if anyone is interested I just launched a group for furs as well on their site http://current.com/groups/furry-fandom/

well ok yall help me open minds and hearts to the fact that not all furs are sick freaks, but are instead the good people that we all know we are
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That channel sucks balls.

And you're just asking for some lulzy troll comments, thar.

I smell eminent backfire.
I hope you know, I could be wrong, and it could be put mildly, but no one's going to go after something that has "fag" in it.
And I'm quite sure this has been done before.
Rather, attempted* before.
You want my responses? Here:

this is not the case in fact most of us are actually quite decent and reasonable people who differ from others only in that we ourselves are fans of creatures that have some human traits.

Do you have any proof? No? Then nobody cares. You can't just say "here's a fact with no evidence" and expect people to believe it. People have and know negative connotations associated for the furry fandom (mostly because furries are OMG MEDIA IS BAD and refuse to show them a "good" side), and will stick to them. You need to try harder than "we aren't bad".

if you are a fan of almost any disney movie then technically you are a member of the fandom in a way whether you officially claim it or not

This is not true. Being a furry means that you like anthropomorphic animals, not Disney movies.

and yet even when our fandom is in it's own way quite normal and acceptable

No it isn't. It is weird. No, we do not all yiff in our fursuits, however, it still isn't a normal thing to do. Trying to pass it off to people as normal is dumb.
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