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[AUCTION OPEN] Gorgeous Wolf/Canine for Sale [SB: $35] [0/1]


Auction, Paypal Only.​

SB: $35
MIN: $5
AB1: $230
AB2: $300​

Owner: N/A

I Only take Paypal, Once the first bid starts,
the Auction lasts for 24 Hours.
(Discussions of purchase MUST be over PM.)

Please Do Not Join to later Dropout, or Delete Bids if you're unsure of buying this Adopt.

You Agree to the TOS (Terms of Service) Below:

- Please only tag me under Unposture.mov/Mov.exe (If you're using Toyhouse, use Mov.)
- When Auctions complete, i must get a response from said buyer under 1 day ONLY.
If not responded by then, i will Resell Said Adopt for a new Buyer.
- I Would like if you Notify me of anything with this Adopt.
- You are Free to do anything with this Adopt (Changing to Anthro for example.),
However, Please Do Not Edit my Art (Putting Filters, Changing the Layers, ect.) is all i ask.

Anything Broken under my TOS, Will be earned of a Certified Block from me : ).
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