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Available for comissions

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First time I'm doing comissions online I've stoped doing freebies online and in reality for furries and now since I currently job searching I will need your help by comissioning me to draw porn or clean artwork for you.

I do not draw cub porn so don't ask for that please.

Sketches cost £10 ($20)
Inked outline sketches £15 ($25)
Sketches with drawn background £20 ($40)
Fully coloured picture Digital Art £30 ($60)
Fully coloured Traditional style £30

Postage and packaging price also the picture will be printed in photo gloss quality and delivered in mint condition to + £15 also sometimes I may have to use a picture shop to print these pictures out if my printer has a problem which can mean a delay if its a yiffy picture.

my family uses paypal only also if there is something wrong about this post about the comissions please let me know so I can sort things out thanks :D
Not open for further replies.