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Image/Thumbnail Problems: Avatar upload issues


I've been trying to upload an avatar on FA that fits the requirements, but nothing shows up. It's a 100x100 image, jpg, 18.5 KB. There's no error message, it just never shows up. I've F5ed, ctrl+F5ed, cleared caches, tinkered with Chrome to see if it was acting up, but nothing seems to be working. No image shows up in the avatar "boxes".

Just curious if that's a site thing or something I'm doing wrong on this end. Can someone confirm/deny?

Editedit: i am dumb with reading accepted formats but it's still not working

editeditedit: Okay, it works now for no discernible reason. Huh.

Anyways, problem solved...I guess?
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Same problem. 100x100, .gif, nothing showing up. Tried different browsers and everything.

ED: Seemed to work after I just kept on going for twenty minutes.
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Yeah, I just tried it again. I tried converting the file to .gif but it still didn't work.

It seems to just be a matter of luck and constant F5ing.


Don't worry, It'll be fixed in the new UI SoFurry beta.