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Avatars $2 and 10 mood icons $12

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ok i need to raise some money to ship some fur
here its going to cost me $122 usd so i'll now selling icons for only $2 each and detailed mood icons 10 for $12.

I'm willing to do full color 400x400 this includes adult avatar commissions for $2 for non Adult and $5 for Adult via paypal (no credit card payments). Non animated either just art. These are for personal use only, you can use the 400x400 size for non commercial use.

If anyone is interested you can reply here or note me via FA or the forums.

When you send a payment via paypal please put in a note so I can identify who is paying me

for more of my adult art please see here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/gilligan/
or more PG art here:http://gilligan-.deviantart.com/


Mood icons:

If you have any questions you may ask.
post in the forums or note me.
Not open for further replies.