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Heavily Armored Wolf
Ayee! Sup.

Names Gol22 (you could just call me Gol).I'm someone whose into mainly anthro wolfs, but one kind of wolf i just can't seem to actually find in my search is a wolf in a spy suit. Quite hard to find, and draw... >.<;; ... but anyway.... I'm just your normal average... hell i dunno how to introduce myself that well...soooo...


Renton Whitetail

Friendly Mod
Welcome to FA, Gol22. :) *extends a hoof in greeting* Hope you enjoy your time on here. ;)


Formal when angry
Welcome to FA *extends the clawed thumb at the end of his wing in greeting* enjoy your stay here! Ignore the avvie, I changed to a bat 'sona, I just haven't managed to get an avvie yet.


Formal when angry
Well anatomically correct bats don't really have hands ^^;

Your avvie is great, it makes me laugh XD

Eh, I wouldn't say its too awkward, its not like I'm trying to hug ya or something XD


Riasiru Neovas Artistry
~lurks out from the shadows and...~ HUGGIES!!!! ~hugs him with the loud shout!~

Welcome to the FA Forums, you shall receive the hugs of doom and fur!