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Well, I suppose I should talk about myself a bit, so here goes...
I'm new to this site, but not to the fandom. I've been in the cozy little family (dear god that makes it sound like the mafia) for about 2, maybe 3 years. Up until recently I was active on discord. If you're wondering, I was a moderator for The Last Reservation BDSM and kinks server :rolleyes:. Yeah, I'm well familiar with that sort of thing. Errr... perhaps we should talk about something else. Oh yeah, my fursona! Her name is Blanche Locke. She's a 23 year-old bisexual female arctic wolf, who works as an assassin. That's all I can think of for now; to anyone reading this, have a good rest of your day.

the sleepiest kitty

Hey there! A big, warm welcome to FAF to you ^-^


Just a fox.
Hey there, welcome to the forums!

I hope you have a lot of fun here and make some great friends. Your fursona is really cool looking and I like the tidbits you told us!
If you want to have some silly fun, the Games section is a nice place to meet people, too. If you want to chat or have any questions, feel free to message me.

And welcome again!


Joy Boi
Heeeeey! Welcome to the forums! A fantastic place to meet new people and hang out. If you're looking for some friends I recommend the gaming section! Thats where you'll see me 90% of the time.

Apart from that if ya need anything don't be afraid to reach out ^w^