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Baby fur looking to get into RP and find an RP partner (SFW)


New Member
Hiiiii everyone, it’s Asukai, you can also call me Asui! <3 I am a baby fur that wants to get into furry RP and hopefully explore more of my newfound interest with someone (M or F is fine) of beginner or intermediate RP skill level. I have done lots of RP over the years, but my style is still fairly generic and slow paced, so I want to practice my writing with someone of a similar skill level that can help me learn and is able to be patient with me.

I am not interested to do any NSFW RP whatsoever, and I will note I am still a minor. For those younger, I turn 18 at the end of the year if that makes you uncomfortable, and if you are younger than 16, I’d prefer you to not request RP with me. While no NSFW, I am more open to the idea of a cutesy romance between OCs, but nothing too much please.

Lastly, if it helps you to have a visual of my OC and you’d prefer that I do, I do not currently have any of my own art for my OC, however, I do have an avatar of her, which I am using as my profile. For a brief introduction (she is still being worked on), her name is Pinkie (F) and she uses she/her pronouns. Her species is coyote and her body fur is predominantly light pink with white on her feet to mid leg, hands to mid arm, her ears, as well as on her big bushy tail. There is a white splotch around her mouth and on the ends of her mane as well. Her eyes are purple and her hair is a light brunette. Picture for reference:

That’s all, thank you, and I look forward to meeting my first RP partner. <3