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OK I know I am going to be slated for this


Oh dear so I was seaching for something else babyfur games when I cam across this

We have really reached that stage where we have to have guaide lines now how we can and can't act.

Also this is kind of degrading for the other babyfurs as well.
I must say not all babyfurs where diapers in public and some do not wear them at all it is all about the sense of been little

The ones who do wear diapers it is usually for confort and that feeling of been young.

I see many fursuiters having the diaper over the top of there suits.
I have even seen pictures of fursuiters sucking on a pacifier.

Now I do not really want to read this out allowed but I will lower it a bit it is frowend apon to do no 2 in diapers at the cons.
Not many furs will do this but you are limiting the babyfurs freedom

So you are limiting furries freedom to use there diapers. It is all part of been and feeling little for those who choose to do it.
But it dose say this
unless agreed upon by all parties present.
So you might be able to do it in the cubhouse or the nursery.

It dose not purposly say you can not do it it is just frowend appon and depending which furcon/con you go to will depend weather you get chucked out or not.

In all fairness they should not chuck any babyfur or abdl or diaperfur out for doing this. The best punishment would be to make them clean it up if it gets on the floor. the same with rule 2.
And if it happens again your diapers should be confederate.
Unless you medically need them.

No 11 or rule 11.
is not leaving dirty diapers in your room. I remeber hering about this on a podcast on youtube or reading about it.

It is those types of abdl's, diaperfurs and babyfurs at was probably responsable for the cons and hotels making the Babyfur Public Behaviour Guidelines!

Someone somewhere had to spoil it for the rest of us. I know the abdl and diaperfur and babyfurs like to get treated like babies but this is ridicules!

Most of us are already scared enough as it is too step out of our comfort zone and be free to do what they want within reason. I personally see no problem if the diaper is sticking out a little.
Come on it is easier to find a abdl that way if you can see the cute diaper design on the back.
It is not a good idea going with nothing but a diaper and a diaper bag
fair enough.

But cons/furry cons we are supost to be welcoming the furs and people weather they be abdl's or diaperfurs or babyfurs not pushing them away with silly guidlines


They will start to get together. You know hang out.
That will turn into a reguiler thing. They will start hosting privote meets.
Then they will find a abdl/babyfur/diaperfur at is good at arrenging meets and they will start to host meets to anyone who wants to come.
Then a person at knows how to run a con at also has this intrest will get introduced to the once who meet and they will say.
"Hay why not host a babyfurcon and they will do that.

Then you furries are left thinking I wonder where the babyfurs went I missed them.

Oh yeah there is nothing wrong with sucking a pacifier at cons in fact it could easily calm your nerves down and help you relax.
If you want people at get stressed out with other people at conventions that is your problem. Think about it
Would you rather have a person relaxed sucking a pacifier
doing no harm
Or a person with a glass/can of beer in their hands chatting to everyone.
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Not to be a bother but dosen't the Cubhouse or nursery and I do not think the nursery would say no!
Unless they are mass of changes:p
But at the nursery part and maybe the cub part you are expected to leak on purpose.
No 2 depends on weather the nursery excepts that or not!

I have seen some online out of the furry cons where you are allowed to leak but not do no 2's.

I understand guaidline 14. No mooching off other babyfurs or maybe abdl's or diaperfurs because lets face it they pay good money for those diapers.
If you bought some cuddlez expensive adult diapers and you go to the con and the guys like.
Ooh diapers can I try one. You would not want them to because they cost a lot of money.

So telling people in advance you have not bought any diapers and want to wear them.
Or you want someone to bring some spare so you can try (And make sure it is the cheep once if they are planning to go potty to see how it feels:D) Like wise if someone asks you to get some nappies for them ask around even if your not going to the convention it gets the word out to the other furries.

This guideline looks like it is geared more towards the ABDL furries or ABDL in general.
Think about it diapers, pacifiers and how you should use your diaper?

14. Is fair enough if you want to try at hand yourself been diapered the best bet is getting some diapers yourself. Hay if your genours enough you can shear with the other ab's
2 for me 2 for you and you and you.
Basically give 2 to the abdl's and diaperfurs/babyfurs at have not got any or wants to know what it is like wearing one.

Why two well if they choose it is obviouse;)

Try to get something at is not too expensive and not cheep and do not go for tenas unless you plan on shearing or it is your first time. You could get something that is not tenas for shearing though.
Get some cheep baby stickers is a good idea
once with bottles and pacifeirs are good for your inner baby and baby animals are good for your inner cub.

No 5. Is a good idea expecially if you have been wetting your nappy diaper.
When having a bath in the hotel you can pretend a anthro animal is taking care of you in the bath.:eek:
:oops:I like to do that in my bath time

SO that is it. Take a look see if there is any guidelines you do not agree with mine is the diaper and pacifier rules.
You should have the freedom if you.

So have a read let me know what you think.
If you want to wear a diaper to a con then go for it, just please do not wear a dirty one.
Going to a con in a diaper you dirtied previously before you get to the con yes not on.
Having a clean diaper then dirtying it OK. I am sure they have changing facilities :)
Taking one out of the trash weather one you used pereviously and put in the bin or someone elses at is dirty not a good idea and you could make yourself sick!

I myself do not go to cons well I have been too one Thought Bubble but that was not a furry con.
If I was travelling with some furries (and not my support worker) then I may or may not get some diapers or nappies in this country to share.
If I was on my own I may be too scared to perches them. Thanks for commenting you seem to be the only one at commented on this thread I thought loads of furries would be commenting.;)


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