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Back Ground Characters WANTED !

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Ladies and Gentleman of FA I am a artist starting back up a old comic of mine that I started i am looking for background characters. You see I can't design background characters so well so i need a little help. I would like you to draw your self as either of the 2 following races DEMONS or ANGELS,. Now the one thing the one little rule i have No furies i know you all love furs but i don't want a entire flock of furies that's why i make this rule i will accept some fur demons and some fur angels but if there are to many i my take some of them out. This will be a web comic as well as a publication eventually so your background character will make appearances also if i really like your character i may give him or her a bigger role in the comic as a main character. i have a list of rules and regulations to follow.

# 1 - The only choices are DEMONS or ANGELS cause that's what the series circulates around.

# 2 - Your character can be either MALE or FEMALE now I know there artist the like herms out there but I don't no disrespect to you fans out there its just not my preference.

# 3 - If you do agree to do this then please respond and also try to contact me via email or instant messenger.
E- mail : Neroangelo316@aol.com
AIM: neroangelo316@aol.com
YIM: neroangelo316@yahoo.com

By the way if u do this for me then I will draw something for you of course its only fair.
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