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Back In The Fandom

Nokie M.

New Member
Greetings all,

Nokie here, back in the fandom after being relatively inactive for the last 10+ years. First started out in the fandom when I was 15 back in 1995; due to joining the Navy was inactive for quite the while. Looking to get re-connected with fellow fuzzy buddies and attending my first con since 2010; Furlandia in Portland. Very much looking forward to it! Just stopping by to say "Hello", take care!


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Hello, and welcome back! Wow, since 1995? That's amazing. Myself, I think I've been about the furry fandom for about 10 or 12 years, it gets fuzzy, looking back, so to speak.

Have been to a few smaller cons (Fur the 'More), but not a lotta furmeets here, so it's mainly been online, writing stories, poetry, RPs and such, and a con here and again.

Do ya write, draw, make fursuits, or any such things?

What's your sona? Pink ears are a nice tough. Well, hope ya have fun. And watch out for foxes. Even if you are one :p

Nokie M.

New Member
Hello Simo,

Oh yes, been in the community quite the while; just lost contact over the years and as life in general got in the way. There are some fur meets here in the Phoenix area, but they always fill up real fast; never really got lucky to get something locally. Usually travel to go to cons, meets and stuff when I have the time and resources of course.

My fursona is "Nokie M." I will reveal the last name later as soon as I have everything where I want it to be. Yeah, I am a fox I know we are quite common but not just any fox I will put it that way. The avatar I have is what I had done for that purpose, I will be tweaking things a bit to get to where I want my sona to be for my first fur suit. 21 years in the fandom and don't have a fur suit, ref sheet, or even a name badge with my sona on it. Gives me a chuckle every now and then when I think about it.

Hello, Sly and lacelamb; I love the 80's song reference by the way! ;)


Diaper Fox
Greetings. I haven't been in the fandom as long as you have, but I haven't been particularly active in it over the years. (I probably got into it around 10 to 11 years ago). I started posting on this site recently. I have not been involved in conventions and the like. It's also good to see a fellow fox. I am not sure where anyone would get the odd idea of having to look out for foxes. It's almost like a fur saying such a thing has never seen a pajama clad fox looking at books or scurrying around a den. :p