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Resident Bronze Dragon Kasrkin
I have a fairly substantial backlog of things I want commissioned for various purposes, from my featured projects to personal use. If you have any suggestions for who I could go to for any of these, or if you want to take a stab at any of them, please let me know so we can discuss business in finer detail.

If there's anything you'd like for me to clarify beforehand, I'd also be happy to oblige.

Thank you.



Desired art style: Semi-realism, ideally with realistic proportions.

- An informative TF comic detailing TTF recruit selection and exposure to XTNT-001 "Trinity"

- Eric Patterson (anthro velociraptor, Canadian Forces) giving a speech at the UN Assembly in Geneva

- Vance Balinsky (anthro grey wolf, Canadian Forces) winning hearts and minds during a peacekeeping operation, playing soccer with local kids

- Patricia Ferguson (anthro D&D red dragon) working on some personal mechanical project

- Concept art of various medical AI chasses, especially Indian designs inspired by Hindu mythology.

- (distant future) A propaganda poster featuring a Trinity host (likely anthro wolf variety), a medical combat android, and a juggernaut-like heavy soldier in power armor. All three are facing the same direction, ready for battle, to the effect of standing united.

- Reference sheets for several characters


Pokémon: Forgotten Army

Desired art style: Faithful to the source material; can be semi-realistic as well.

- Concept art of a metagross with a neural-linked heavy weapon system on its back

- Concept art of various vehicles including jet-assisted VTOL aircraft, trimaran littoral combat vessels, and sky frigates

- An aforementioned metagross, armed with a particle cannon, facing off against a Hind-like VTOL gunship.

- An aggron, wearing fitted heavy armor, bracing against the recoil of a shield-mounted backpack-fed gatling gun as he fires on an unseen enemy while surrounded by flames

- A haxorus in fitted modern combat gear, rushing an unseen enemy whilst armed with a VTAC tomahawk, his combat rifle slung.

- A lucario and female zoroark, both equipped for a stealth operation, slipping by human nightshift security guards patrolling cubicles in a Plasma-owned office building in Castelia.

- Reference sheets for various characters



Desired art style: Semi-realism

- An extensive and detailed reference sheet of my fursona

- An "onwards and upwards"-themed portrait of my fursona eagerly looking forward to a new challenge.

- Concept art of a "siegebreaker" mode for my fursona

- My fursona playing with a displacer kitten in his arms

- A demonstration of my fursona's ability to manipulate life

- My fursona, equipped as a Kasrkin grenadier, advancing deliberately while accompanied by disturbed ravens
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o_o I want to do military Pokemon. And displacer kitten. These sound awesome in general, if my current style's at all up your alley. If not, unfortunately I haven't commissioned realistic works by anyone currently open for them but I'll keep an eye out ...


Though I've been recently attempting to do more stylized, I do prefer semi-realistic/realism. My examples don't have much but if the general art interests you I can grab up some other stuff for you!! Info here