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They/He pronouns please!
Hey there friend! I'd love to work on this for you! I love drawing foxes in general, and your fursona is super cute owo!

For something like this, I'd like to offer my Flat Busts ($16.50), Shaded Busts ($23), and Chibis ($12 Flats, $16.50 Shaded, or $27 for a page of three Flats)! Any artwork you order from me will be made available on my Redbubble to order as stickers (privately, of course), or I'll send you the full sized file/s instead for you to get printed free of charge!
Here's some examples of my work, as well as a link to my available sticker sets on my Redbubble. please let me know if you're interested!



New Member
Hello everyone I'm Scruffy the fox, and I am looking for artists to spice up my fursona "Scruffy" with either a badge, Icons or stickers.

My budget is as following.
Badge: $30 (digital or traditional, colored and laminated )
Icon: $10-20
Stickers (for Telegram): $5-10 per sticker

Find Scruffy on my FA page

If you'd just like to say hi and chat- Telegram @scruffyfirefox

Hello dearie! If you're still interested I do them!~
Granted this is a few months old here:
But they're $10 a sticker without shading $15 with.
I can guarentee the quality of these will be a lot better now then when this was made!~
If you'd like you can also take a look at my gallery!~
Nixotine's DeviantArt Gallery
Thank you for taking the time to read his and consider!~


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